Current Series

'The Blessed Hope


Pastor Anthony talks about having a thankful heart and to appreciate what we have. 

ABC;s of Our Faith

Pastor Tom talks about getting back to basics in the ABC's of Our Faith.

The Case for Christ

In this two week series Pastor Tom presents the evidence for the Case for Christ.

My Story

Pastor Tom begins a new series called My Story and how to prepare your testimony and share it with others.

The Ghost

Pastor Tom begins a series on the Holy Ghost and the gifts we receive from him.


A five week study on the book of Philippians.

Faith At Home

We want to help people live out their faith at home, work and wherever they go! 

Adding Value

One of the greatest things we can do as people of God is to add value to people. Join us as we look for ways to add value to our families, church and communities.


When Jesus is here anything can happen! In this series in unstoppable we look at when Jesus gets a hold of life, a church a community anything can happen. 



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